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① Customize your Doll
Check the dolls spaces and custonmize it with the options listed.You also can choose the extra sale if you like it.Then click Buy Now to checkout from Shopping cart.
② Orders Confirmation
Enter your shipping details and contact infomation(Phone is required for delivery express company),Select your payment options,if you like to select to send a check or Bank transfer or Western Union,Please Just send email to us:[email protected],We wills send an invoice to you after we recevied your detail infomation.
③ Checkout & Payment
You'll receved a confirmation email,Please reviews the details,We will review it and ask your confirmation before we move on,We want to make sure that everything is correct,Please confirm the order datails,customs options and shipping details.
④ Manufacturing
Production will take 5-10days,Some might take more or less,We will send your pictures when the doll is ready to confirm,Please confirm that everything looks correct or let us know some adustments are needed.
⑤ Confirmation & Shipping
Confirm your doll detail picture and approve the shipment!You will receve the tracking number in 2-3 days,Shipping time depends on location.
We can assist EU customers with the customs clearance servies and VAT,Please reach out before we ship your doll.
Russia(30 days),Canada,Australasia and New Zealand the shipping process might take longer and the customs has to submit proof of payment to custom clearance.
⑥ Delivered
Tracking numbers refilect and estimated date of arrival,but it may vary.Please contact the shipping company for more accurate status or if you need to arrange a specific delivery date or time.Keep you box flat when unboxing and be gentle with your doll.
Upon receipt of your doll,please immediately check the package for possible damege(s).If the doll is damaged in transit,please call the local representative to declare the damage and take the damage pictures so o that we can claim compensation from delivering company.

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